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New Horizons In Toxicity Prediction 2008/2009(pdf)

Digital Repositories Supporting eResearch: Exploring the eCrystals Federation Model (pdf)

Partnering in Science Information: Necessities of Change
(ICSTI 2006)

The Future Of Scientific Publishing 2005

First German Conference on Cheminformatics (2005)

International Council For Scientific And Technical Information (ICSTI)

ICSTI Conference 2004

The Sixth Virtual Communities Conference

ICSTI-INIST meeting on Open Access 2003

XML and INChi 2003(.pdf)

ICSTI General Assembly 2002

Boston ACS Meeting 2002

Electronic Publishing in Science 2001

Chemistry & the Internet 1999

Chemistry & the Internet 1998

Update 97 & Database '97

Combinatorial Approaches to
Chemistry and Biology 1997

Digital Intelligence 1997