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Lhasa Limited

Lhasa Limited is a well established not-for-profit company and educational charity. Our charitable objective is to promote the development and use of computer-aided reasoning and information systems for the advancement of chemistry and the chemistry related sciences.

The organisation is a leading global supplier of knowledge based software and associated databases for use in metabolism, toxicology, and related sciences. Products in Lhasa Limited's portfolio are:

Derek for Windows: For predicting toxicity.

Meteor: For predicting metabolic fate.

Zeneth: For predicting forced degaradtion pathways.

Vitic: Toxicity database and information management system.

Lhasa Limited is an active research organisation with an enviable reputation for collaborative work and the promotion of data sharing. We work closely with our members in the research and development of software for the chemical and bio-molecular sciences. Lhasa's members (i.e. customers) include the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies, leading consumer products manufacturers, academics, regulatory bodies and government organisations.

Derek for Windows is a market leader and has been adopted by many pharmaceutical and chemical companies, regulators, and academic institutions worldwide.

This page last updated 25th February 2009.