What We Do

Since January 1992, Wendy Warr & Associates has been supplying business and competitive intelligence services to a broad spectrum of clients in the United States, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia. Our success stems from our extensive network and our specialised market knowledge of chemical information, computational chemistry, drug discovery, cheminformatics, STM publishing, and scientific communication. Pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists, publishers, software companies, and scientific database producers have benefited from our expert counsel and services in recent years.

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies:

  • Studies on R&D game-changing technologies and strategies, lead optimisation, outsourcing, etc. for a major pharmaceutical company
  • Multi-year contract with a pharma for current awareness services on drug discovery systems, including ADME prediction and virtual high throughput screening.
  • Competitive intelligence study on research information systems for a major pharmaceutical company (just one of many CI studies).
  • Design of training course on combinatorial chemistry for sales staff in an analytical chemistry company.
  • Presentations on integration of bioinformatics and cheminformatics.
  • Strategies for Improving Pharmaceutical R&D Productivity written for Decision Resources.
  • Directory of Molecular Diversity Suppliers written for Select Biosciences.

Software companies and publishers:

  • Study on market share and perceptions relating to data mining, drug design and property prediction software.
  • Ongoing business development for a small/medium enterprise in cheminformatics.
  • Study on trends in computer-aided drug design software usage.
  • Major study on trends in several types of research information systems.
  • Market research study for a major scientific publisher on the future of a major reference work.
  • Advice on trends in chemical reaction databases.
  • Competitive intelligence study for a company in the data mining field.
  • Advice to a cheminformatics start-up on user requirements and pricing.
  • Marketing and PR strategy for a company strong in cheminformatics but weak in market placement.
  • Intelligence and current awareness services to a consultancy specialising in trends in electronic publishing.

For venture capitalists and management consultants:

  • Advising venture capitalists on the business plan and viability of a start-up.
  • Advice to venture capitalists on strategic information sources necessary to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
  • Work with venture capitalists on licensing of a software solution.
  • Advice to financial analysts on future prospects for two specific bio/pharma companies.


  • Our six-monthly, cutting edge reports on the state of the art in chemical information and computation are renowned.
  • Our CEO and namesake, Wendy Warr, is in constant demand the world over for presentations on cheminformatics.

This page last updated 20th May 2015