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References to 2010 Publications

In 2010 Wendy Warr wrote:

Peer review is not perfect but are the alternatives worse? (Extract from my report on the 239th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, San Francisco, CA, March 21-25, 2010)

The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling's 50th Anniversary Symposium, ACS National Meeting, Boston, August 23, 2010

Warr, W. A. Collaboration, competition, validation and plans for the future. J. Comput.-Aided Mol. Des. 2010, 24, 887-890.

Warr. W. A. Tautomerism in chemical information management systems. J. Comput.-Aided Mol. Des. 2010, 24, 497-520.

Warr, W. A. Some Trends in Chem(o)informatics. In Chemoinformatics and Computational Chemical Biology; Bajorath, J. Ed.; Humana Press (Springer): New York, 2010, pp. 1-37.

Report on the 2010 ChemAxon European User Group meeting

Celebrating the history of chemical information (RSC/CSA Trust meeting) (PDF)

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