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References to 2007 Publications

In 2007 Wendy Warr wrote:

Warr, W. A. Cheminformatics in Drug Discovery (Book Review) J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2007, 47, 1995-1996.

Wendy Warr interviews Anton "Tony" Hopfinger. (Written for QSAR World April 2007). (PDF)

Wendy Warr interviews Han van de Waterbeemd. (Written for QSAR World May 2007). (PDF)

Warr, W. A. Accuracy of prediction. (Written for QSAR World September 2007). (PDF)

Warr, W. A. Workflow and pipelining in cheminformatics. (Written for QSAR World December 2007). (PDF)

Warr, W. A. STM Mines Workflow. Information World Review December 2007, 22-23.

Report on the 2007 ChemAxon User Group Meeting

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